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Table 1 Timeline and format of digital cytopathology trial for UNSW Medicine students (year 5 and 6)

From: Cytopathology whole slide images and adaptive tutorials for senior medical students: a randomized crossover trial

Topic Group 1 Group 2 Timeline (Days)
Gynecological cytology VMATs and WSI VMATs and WSI 0-7
  ONLINE ASSESSMENT – Gynecological cytology 8-11
Fine needle aspirate cytology VMATs and WSI Traditional 12-18
  ONLINE ASSESSMENT - Fine needle aspirate cytology 19-23
Fluid/Exfoliative cytology Traditional VMATs and WSI 24-30
  ONLINE ASSESSMENT – Fluid cytology 31-34
  1. Abbreviations: WSI whole slide images, VMATs virtual microscopy adaptive tutorials, UNSW The University of New South Wales