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Table 1 Antibody clones, sources, and dilutions

From: Serous carcinoma arising from uterine adenomyosis/adenomyotic cyst of the cervical stump: a report of 3 cases

Antibody Clones Dilutions Sources
ER 1D5 1:300 Thermo
PR 1A6 1:500 Thermo
CK7 OV-TL 1:100 Thermo
CK20 KS20.8 1:100 Leica
PAX8 ZR1 1:50 Invitrogen
WT1 6 F-H2 1:150 Zeta
CA125 EPR1020(2) 1:50 Zeta
p53 DO-7 1:600 Thermo
CD10 56C6 1:100 Leica
D2-40 D2-40 1:400 Thermo
p16 16P04/JC2 1:100 Zeta
PTEN 17A 1:50 Zymed
β-catenin E247 1:400 Zymed
HNF1β C-20 1:200 Santa Cruz
Ki67 MIB-1 1:400 DAKO