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Table 2 Light microscopy, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy results of six successive renal biopsies in relation to treatment modalities

From: Severe active C3 glomerulonephritis triggered by immune complexes and inactivated after eculizumab therapy

  1. Legend: % – proportion of glomeruli with lesion and estimated semi-quantitative tubulo-interstitial involvement, respectively; intensity – semi-quantitative values 0-3+; crescents active – cellular and fibrocellular; crescents inactive – fibrous; eculizumab treatment from August 16, 2012 ongoing
  2. Abbreviations: G glomerular, T-I tubulo-interstitial, V vascular, cel cellular, fibrocel fibrocellular, fibro fibrous, GS glomerulosclerosis, seg segmental, glob global, dps deposits