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Table 4 The activity differences of transcription factors

From: Potential molecular characteristics in situ in response to repetitive UVB irradiation

Transcription factors Activity difference
NFE2 3.68E-01
ZBTB33 3.28E-01
NR3C1 2.82E-01
HDAC8 2.34E-01
SMARCC2 1.34E-01
CCNT2 1.10E-01
PPARGC1A 5.60E-02
HNF4A 5.24E-02
GATA2 2.12E-02
PAX5 4.78E-05
BRF1 −3.95E-01
CTCF −2.34E-01
YY1 −1.68E-01
ESRRA −1.48E-01
BATF −1.06E-01
SPI1 −1.05E-01
ELF1 −9.63E-02
EP300 −8.42E-02
E2F6 −6.76E-02
REST −1.88E-02
PBX3 −1.49E-02
  1. Note: Activity difference = Activity in UVB-irradiated skin biopsies – Activity in non-irradiated skin biopsies