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Table 1 Reviews of Chinese cases of gynecological myeloid sarcoma

From: Vulvar myeloid sarcoma as the presenting symptom of acute myeloid leukemia: a case report and literature review of Chinese patients, 1999–2018

NoAuthorAgeTime of genital involvementNon-systemic involvementSystemic involvementAML TypeTreatmentOutcome
1Huang et al. [17]78InitialNoneSimultaneouslyNARefusedNot stated
2Yang et al. [18]27InitialNoneSimultaneouslyM2CT (DNR + ARA-C)CR, ANEL 36 mo
3He et al. [19]25InitialPelvic LASimultaneouslyM5RefusedNot stated
4Hu et al. [20]45Relapse (MDS)PerirenalAfter 1.4 mo of vulvar MSM5CT (ARA-C + IDA)CR, died 3 mo (sepsis)
5Fang et al. [21]75IsolatedPulmonary SCCNoneNACT (HHT + ARA-C) → RTMS resolved, relapse 10 mo later
6Our case47InitialNoneSimultaneouslyM2CT (ARA-C + IDA, ARA-C)
CR, ANEL 27 mo
7Li et al. [22]55IsolatedNoneNoneNASG → RefusedDied 10 mo
8Xue et al. [23]61Not statedRegional LANot statedM2Not statedNot stated
Uterine cervix
9Lu et al. [24]41InitialNoneAfter 19 d of SGM2SG → CTDied 27d (cerebral hemorrhage)
10Qu et al. [25]28InitialNoneSimultaneouslyM2bNot statedNot stated
11Zhang et al. [26]45InitialNoneSimultaneouslyNot statedCT (DNR + ARA-C)Not stated
12Wen et al. [27]49Not statedNot statedNot statedNARTDied 2 mo
13Feng et al. [28]40IsolatedNoneNoneNASGNot stated
14Gao et al. [29]34IsolatedNoneNoneNACT (ARA-C + DNR) → SG → CT (ARA-C + DNR)ANEL
15Li et al. [30]34IsolatedNoneNoneNACT (DNR + ARA-C) → SGANEL
16Zheng et al. [31]43IsolatedNoneNoneNACT (HHT + ARA-C)ANEL 20 mo
17Li et al. [22]46IsolatedNoneNoneNASG → CT (DNR + ARA-C)ANEL 8 mo
18Gu et al. [32]42IsolatedNoneNoneNACT (DNR + ARA-C)ANEL 3 mo
19Yu et al. [33]28IsolatedNoneNoneNACT (IDA + ARA-C)Died 18 mo
20Liu et al. [34]27IsolatedNoneNoneNASGANEL 15 mo
21Zhang et al. [35]23Relapse (AML)NoneAfter 1 mo of MSM2CT (ARA-C + MIT)CR
22Liu et al. [36]46Secondarysupramaxilla, breastAfter 18 mo of MSNot statedCT (DNR + ARA-C, HHT + ARA-C, MIT + ARA-C) → pelvic RTDied 4 mo after cessation of CT
23Zhu et al. [37]63Not statedNot statedNoneNACT → RTCR
24Zhu et al. [37]45Not statedNot statedNoneNACT → SGDied
25Xue et al. [23]46Not statedHead, neck, regional LANot statedNANot statedNot stated
26Zuo et al. [38]42InitialNoneAML during CTNot statedSG → CT (DNR + ARA-C)Died 12 mo
27Zuo et al. [38]51IsolatedNoneNoneNACT → SG → CT (DNR + ARA-C) → gingiva 55 mo later → CT + RT + Allo-HSCTAlive 91 mo
28Feng et al. [39]57IsolatedNoneNoneNASG → RefusedANEL 6 mo
29Liu et al. [40]50Not statedPelvic LANot statedNASGNot stated
30Wang et al. [41]28InitialNoneAfter 5 mo of MSM2aCTCR, died 20 mo
Uterine body
31Wang et al. [42]38IsolatedNoneNoneNASGNot stated
32Zhao et al. [43]33IsolatedNoneNoneNACT (DNR + ARA-C)Alive
33Hou et al. [44]44IsolatedNoneNoneNANot statedNot stated
34Zhang et al. [45]27InitialNoneSimultaneouslyM2CT (DNR + ARA-C)PR, MS resolved
35Zheng et al. [46]26IsolatedNoneNoneNASG → CT (DNR + ARA-C) → Auto-HSCTANEL 1 y after HSCT
36Yu et al. [47]35IsolatedNoneNoneNASG → CTANEL 3 y 9 mo
37Yu et al. [47]26Relapse (AML)NoneNoneNASGNot stated
38Yu et al. [47]24IsolatedNoneNoneNASG → CTANEL 5 mo
39Zhou et al. [48]27InitialNoneAfter 2 mo of MSM2SG → CT (DNR + ARA-C)Not stated
40Zhou et al. [49]36IsolatedNoneNoneNASG → CT (DNR + ARA-C)Not stated
41Zhu et al. [37]23IsolatedNoneNoneNACT (ARA-C)PR
42Zhou et al. [50]27Not statedNot statedNot statedNASGNot stated
43Pang et al. [51]23IsolatedNoneNoneNACT → RTDied 39 mo
44Pang et al. [51]22Relapse (AML-M3)NoneNot statedNACTDied 38 mo
45Zhou et al. [48]36Not statedLung, small intestine, brainNoneNACT (VP-16 + ARA-C)Died 1 mo (cerebral hemorrhage)
46Wang et al. [41]26SecondarySmall intestineNoneNASG → CTMS resolved, ANEL 15 mo
47Zhang et al. [52]29Initial (vulva, ovary)Whole bodyNot statedNARefusedDied 1 mo
48Cheng et al. [53]37Initial (uterine cervix, ovary)Right common iliac lymph nodesAfter 6 mo of MSNot statedSG → CT (DNR + ARA-C, DNR + ARA-C+ Vm-26) → nasopharyngeal TCL → AML → CT (CTX + ADM + VCR + PED+Vm-26)Metastasis to chest wall and anterior mediastinum
49Qu et al. [54]44Relapse (AML-M2a) (uterine body, cervix)NoneNoneNASG → CTANEL 1 y
50Li et al. [55]43uterine body, cervix, vaginaIliac perivascular LAPNoneNACT (PTX + PDD) → RT + CT (DNR + ARA-C)MS resolved, ANEL 6 mo after cessation of CT
51Wu et al. [56]25Uterine cervix, vaginaNoneNoneNACT (IDA + ARA-C)CR, ANEL 3 mo
52Wang et al. [57]43Uterine cervix, vaginaNoneNoneNACT (DNR + ARA-C, ARA-C, FA + ARA-C+ G-CSF), II (MTX + ARA-C + DXM)Cervical MS resolved, ANEL 7 mo
53Long et al. [58]46Relapse (AML-M2) (ovary, uterine cervix)None1 mo after SGM2SG → CT (MTX + VP16 + ARA-C)ANEL 8 mo
54Huang et al. [59]43Uterine cervix, left appendageNoneNoneNACTDied 11 mo
55Xu et al. [60]51Ovary, uterusColon, rectumNot statedNASG, refusedNot stated
  1. ADM Adriamycin, AML acute myeloid leukemia, ANEL alive with no evidence of leukemia, ARA-C cytarabine, CR complete remission, CT chemotherapy, CTX Cyclophosphamide, d day, DNR daunorubicin, FA Fludarabine, HHT homoharringtonine, HSCT hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, Allo-HSCT allogeneic HSCT, Auto-HSCT autologous HSCT, IDA idarubicin, II intrathecal injection, LA lymphadenopathy, MIT Mitoxantrone, MDS myelodysplastic syndrome, mo month, NA not applicable, PED Prednisone, PDD cisplatin, PR partial remission, PTX paclitaxel, RT radiotherapy, SCC squamous cell carcinoma, SG surgery, TCL T cell lymphoma, VCR Vincristine, VP-16 Etoposide, y year