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Table 1 Summary of clinical characters of tongue lymphomas

From: Primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the tongue base: the clinicopathology of seven cases and evaluation of HPV and EBV status

CaseAge (y)Primary SiteTumor Size (cm)CT/MRI FindingsClinical SymptomsClinical Stage Treatment /modality and responseIPI scoreOS (months)
180–85Tongue base3.0 cmmassPharyngeal foreign body sensationIIIA R –CHOP/PR397
270–75Tongue base4.6 cmmassPharyngeal foreign body sensationIVA R-CHOP/NR and Progression363(died)
375–80Tongue base2.0 cmmassPharyngeal foreign body sensationIVA GDP + CHOP/PR295
440–45Tongue baseUnknownThicken of oropharyngeal wall and the epiglottis foldsDysphagia, Sore throat, choking water, multi deep ulcer with PseudomembranousIIA CHOP/CR085
590–95Tongue base4.3 cmmassDysphagiaIA CHOP/PR13 (Died)
645–50Tongue base1.5 cmmassPharyngeal foreign body sensationIA CHOP/CR069
735–40Tongue base2.1 cmmassPharyngeal foreign body sensation, Sense of suffocationIVA R-CHOP/PR240
  1. R-CHOP: R-rituximab C-cyclophosphamide H-doxorubicin (hydroxydaunomycin) O-vincristine P-prednisone; CHOP: C-cyclophosphamide H-doxorubicin (hydroxydaunomycin) O-vincristine P- prednisolone; GDP:G-gemcitabine D-dexamethasone P-ciaplatin; OS: overall survival; CR: completely response; PR: partial response