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Table 2 Summary of pathological characters of tongue lymphomas

From: Primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the tongue base: the clinicopathology of seven cases and evaluation of HPV and EBV status

CaseCytological feathersCD3CD4CD8CD20CD5CD10BCL-6MUM-1BCL2CyclinD1SOX11C-MYCP53Ki67(%)EBVHPV/P16Diagnoses
1Large cell scattered in small lymphocyts+  ++   40_−/−T cell rich large B cell lymphoma
2Medium to large cell, partly with round nuclei and clear cytoplasm  +++   ++  25_−/−MCL
3moderate cells with distorted nuclear contours, infiltrate with squamous epithelium.+++      60_−/−PTCL
4Immunoblastic variant  ++++80_−/−DLBCL (NGC)
5Immunoblastic variant  ++++++90_−/−DLBCL (NGC)
6Immunoblastic variant  ++++30_+/+DLBCL (NGC)
7Centroblastic variant  ++++++70−/−DLBCL (GC)
  1. MCL: mantle cell lymphoma; PTCL: peripheral T cell lymphoma; DLBCL: diffuse large B cell lymphoma; NGC: non-germinal center type; GC: germinal center type