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Table 2 Parathyroid carcinoma with sarcomatoid differentiation reported in the literature

From: Parathyroid carcinoma with sarcomatoid differentiation: a case report and literature review

Authors Sex Age (yr) Maximum diameter mass (cm) Blood calcium Blood PTH Positive Immunopheno type Prognosis
Taggart et al. F 57 4 Normal Normal CGA and vimentin were positive Lung metastasis
Nacamuli et al. M 54 9 Elevated Elevated AE-1, PTH, CGA, Syn, and desmin were positive Lung metastasis, adrenal metastasis and death 7 mo after surgery
Zhang Haitao et al. F 57 7 Elevated Elevated CK, Syn, PTH, Ki-67 was 50% Unclear
Guan Zhongyan et al. F 62 3.5 Normal Undetermined CK8/18, CGA, CD56, galectin-3 and vimentin were positive Lung metastasis, and death 5 months after surgery
Present case M 71 4.5 Normal Elevated Desmin, MyoD1, Myogenin, EMA, CGA, Syn, CK, GATA-3 were positive, Ki-67 was 40% Esophageal and mediastinal invasion and death 6 mo after surgery
  1. F represents female, M represents male