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Table 2 Pathological examination of the placental samples of the pregnant women with COVID-19 pneumonia

From: Placental pathology of the third trimester pregnant women from COVID-19

Pathological diagnosis patient
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Category I: Maternal vascular malperfusion
 Central placental infarct(s)        
 Peripheral placental infarct        
 Distal villous hypoplasia        
 Accelerated villous maturation pattern         
 Increased syncytial knots
 Villous agglutination         
Category II:maternal decidual arteriopathy
 Insufficient vessel remodelling         
 Fibrinoid necrosis         
Category III:Fetal vascular malperfusion (FVM)
 Avascular fibrotic villi         
 Intramural fibrin deposition         
 Villous stromal-vascular karyorrhexis         
 Stem villous vascular obliteration         
 High-grade fetal vascular malperfusion         
Category IV:Ascending intrauterine infection
 Maternal inflammatory response (mild)       
 Fetal inflammatory response         
Category V:Fibrinoid
 Increased focal perivillous fibrin depositions (perivillous fibrin plaque)  
 Massive perivillous fibrin deposition pattern        
 Maternal floor infarct pattern         
Category VI:Chronic inflammation
 Chronic intervillositis         
 Chronic plasma cell deciduitis       
 Chronic chorioamnionitis         
Category VII:Other placental findngs
 Microscopic accreta         
 Villous edema        
 Membranes with hemorrhage         
 Acute intervillositis (mild)