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Table 1 Examples of combinative scoring system for histomorphometry

From: Different approaches for interpretation and reporting of immunohistochemistry analysis results in the bone tissue – a review

Score Bondarenko et al. for OCN*[[68]] Bondarenko et al. for OPN[[68]] Torre et al. for VEGF-A, VEGF-C and FGF-2[[102]]
0 - - Negative
1 <25% Expression in cells only <5% of the cells with positive staining
2 25-50% Expression in cells and osteoid Between 5 and 50% of the cells with positive staining
3 50-75% Focal expression in mature bone >50% of the cells with weak staining
4 >75% Diffuse expression in mature bone > 50% of the cells with strong staining
  1. *OCN expression was evaluated as a percentage rate of immunopositive peri-implant bone tissue to all peri-implant bone area.