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Table 1 Summary of the characteristics of patients with double ALK fusions reported in previous case reports

From: Concomitant novel ALK-SSH2, EML4-ALK and ARID2-ALK, EML4-ALK double-fusion variants and confer sensitivity to crizotinib in two lung adenocarcinoma patients, respectively

Ref. Study Age Gender Smoking ALK fusion variants Response to crizotinib
[13] Xuan Wu, et al. 2020 32 Male Smoker CCNY-ALK, and ATIC-ALK Yes
[14] Xueqian Wu, et al. 2020 64 Female Non-smoker NLRC4-ALK, and EML4ALK Yes
[15] Jing Luo, et al. 2019 44 Male Smoker PRKCB-ALK, and EML4-ALK Yes
[16] Bao Dong Qin, et al. 2019 29 Male Smoker EML4-ALK, and BCL11A-ALK Yes
[17] Hao Lin, et al. 2018 56 Male Not available EML6-ALK, and FBXO11-ALK Yes
[18] Jinping Yin, et al. 2018 44 Male Smoker DYSF-ALK, and ITGAV-ALK Yes